We love not only our children and youth, but the entire community. We often take our programs beyond the walls of our facility and empower our neighbors.

Impact Nation

Impact Nation is a creative worship experience for youth and young adults hosted by Creative Life every Saturday. It is designed to empower and encourage youth and young adults to grow in their relationship with Christ and share their faith with others.

TABLE TALK is an opportunity for youth to discuss current events and world issues.

The Silent Protest

Our Silent Protest march is a vehicle we use to increase awareness of the daunting impact of crime, gang violence and drug abuse in our community. Family and friends of fallen victims design a memorial poster or banner that is carried during the trek from Faith Temple to the Lorraine Motel. During the march, silent protesters wear a white strip of tape across their mouth. Afterward, a mock funeral and repast are held, symbolizing the death of adversities that has plagued our inner-city youth. The purpose of this symbolic event is to mobilize the citizens of our community and encourage actions to stop the violence.

Community Outreach

Community outreach plays a major role in meeting the needs of Memphis children and youth such as providing food, clothing and school supplies. It also serves as a way we to increase life and social skills of youth enrolled in our leadership development program.

Word & Rhythm

Word & Rhythm is a showcase of spoken word, poetry, artistic expression, and live music to uplift the spirit and strengthen the soul. We welcome all ages to enjoy fellowship, refreshments and empowerment.


WORSHIP WITHOUT WORDS is an amazing worship experience that uses the silent ministry of mime, instrumental music, liturgical dance, praise dance, and hip-hop to share the gospel.

Family Night at the Movie


Health Fairs

Creative Life Community Arts Fest

Fall Festival

Parent Empowerment