Creative Life Incorporated (CLI), a youth empowerment community, promotes social change through creative & performing arts, education and leadership development. CLI’s mission is to commit to embracing, educating, empowering and enriching the lives of children, youth and families.


Creative Life Incorporated (CLI), founded in 1978 by Dr. CarolynBibbs, is a community safe-haven for local children and youth. The nonprofit operates year-round offering services to satisfy the basic, academic, social and spiritual needs of the more than 1,500 Memphis students and families annually.

As Creative Life embarks upon 40 years of continuous service, we reflect on the many successful outcomes of our programming. Creative Life has:

  • Continuously invested in the lives of Memphis youth through education, leadership development and creative arts.
  • Worked to increase the academic performance of local children and youth through its after school programs, summer enrichment camps, leadership development training and private school.  
  • Advocated the prevention of drug abuse, violence, teen pregnancies, truancy, school dropouts, hunger and more.
  • Established a legacy of participants, serving children of those who were once in the program
  • Welcomed daily children facing various adversities with loving open arms, understanding the value of accepting the risk and benefits of a ministry where there is no “learning curve” or “limited tolerance” to be equated with learning. Children are 
  • Renovated a 24,000 square foot facility purchased in 2003 and retired the debt after five years of a 30-year mortgage.
  • Held performances in the newly renovated 300 seat auditorium with state of the art sound, lighting and multimedia. Through creative arts, CLI’s founder has brought inspiration, motivation and real-life stories to the stage.

Some Of Our Core Values:

  • A commitment to operating our programs with integrity
  • A commitment to providing a safe haven shielding to youth from the adversities of life
  • A commitment to racial reconciliation
  • A commitment to empowering and equipping tomorrow’s leaders
  • A commitment to cultivating hope by caring for the brokenhearted, healing the wounded, strengthening the weak, providing nourishment for the hungry and educating our youth in a loving, creative environment to ensure a better life and brighter future.